XPeng Motors and Volkswagen Sign A Strategic Cooperation Agreement on EEA

On April 17th, XPeng Motors and Volkswagen Group officially signed the EEA (Electrical/Electronic Architecture) Technology Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. The official referred to it as a new milestone in the strategic cooperation between the two parties.

According to XPeng Motors, the two parties will jointly develop the industry-leading EEA for Volkswagen’s electric vehicle platform in China. The architecture is expected to be applied to Volkswagen brand electric vehicle models produced in China starting from 2026.

Earlier this year on February 29, XPeng Motors announced the signing of a strategic technology cooperation and joint development agreement with Volkswagen Group, as well as the establishment of a joint procurement plan. The signing of the joint development agreement will not only accelerate the joint research and development of two B-class pure electric vehicles but also lay a solid foundation for broader and deeper strategic cooperation between both parties.

Following the announcements related to Volkswagen’s acquisition of a 4.99% stake in XPeng Motors on July 26, 2023, and December 6, 2023, as well as the framework agreement for strategic technology cooperation reached by both parties, XPeng Motors signed a platform and software strategic technology cooperation and joint development agreement with Volkswagen Group. This signifies a milestone achievement in their strategic partnership.

At the beginning of this year, Volkswagen Group (China) announced that a new Volkswagen brand car developed in cooperation with XPeng Motors will be put into production in Hefei in 2026.

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