XPeng Motors Joins Three Major European Automobile Associations

On Monday, XPeng Motors announced that it has become the first Chinese brand to join three major European automobile associations at the same time. The company is now a member of AVERE, RAI Vereniging and BIL Sweden.

The Secretary General of AVERE Philippe Vangeel spoke about XPeng‘s membership: “XPeng Motors is very welcome to become our member, and it will continue to develop and invest in Europe in the future. We look forward to striving together to shape the future of intelligent and sustainable mobility.”

Following the first direct-sale store of XPeng Motors that opened in Sweden in February this year, the second store opened in the Netherlands in March. In addition, the company came to an agreement with leading European dealer Emil Frey NV in the Netherlands and Bilia in Sweden. The deal aimed at promoting XPeng Motors in the respective regions and to accelerate the company’s layout in the European market in order to reduce emissions and promote the spread of electric vehicles.

According to delivery data, XPeng Motors delivered 6,225 units in February 2022, with an increase of 180% year-on-year. In terms of single model delivery, the company delivered 3,537 units of its P7, a year-on-year increase of 151%. The company also delivered 2059 units of its P5 and 629 units of the G3.

XPeng P5 has recently starting accepting orders in Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Customers can place their orders online through the company’s official overseas website and smartphone App.

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