Xpeng Motors Reportedly to Deliver New Cars without Millimeter Wave Radar

Chinese media outlet Cailian Press reported that an informed source says the shortage of radar chips has severely affected Xpeng Motors’ delivery of new cars.

Xpeng Motors might choose to deliver vehicles without millimeter-wave radar (including Xpeng Motors P5) first, and then install the radar system after AOG. In response, Xpeng Motors said “the specific information announced later shall prevail.”

Xpeng released its P5 model earlier this year in April, and has scheduled delivery of the first batch for the end of October. This car is notable for its lidar system, as its dual lidar capabilities enables 150 ultra-wide point cloud vision in the front of the vehicle. This could effectively address road conditions in China and prevent congestion in urban areas.

The new car features the XPILOT 3.5 intelligent assisted driving system, which integrates 13 high-definition cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 2 vehicle lidars, 32 sensors and a set of high-precision positioning units (GNSS + IMU). The system is able to sense its environment with full 360°  vision and radar.

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Buts chips are in shortage worldwide. Xpeng Motors is not the first car maker lacking supplies. Earlier, Li Auto also announced delivery of its Li ONE that was lacking 2 radars and were then replenished before Spring Festival. According to the Li ONE Delivery Scheme released by Li Auto in October this year, the company plans to communicate with users and deliver its new vehicle with only 3 radars.

According to the plan, Li Auto users that should have received cars in October and November can choose to receive the three millimeter-wave radar version, with one set at the front and two at the rear. Li Auto plans to install the rest of the millimeter wave radars from December to around the time of Spring Festival.

Before the installations are complete, the three-radar models will be unable to realize automatic dobling and early warning of vehicles crossing in front, but will be able to perform other ADAS functions. In addition, car owners who opt to receive three-radar models will also gain a lifetime warranty and 10,000 points. Users that should have received cars in December will not be affected.

According to the latest data from Solutions, as of October 10th, the cumulative output reduction of the global automobile market due to lack of chips has reached 9.345 million vehicles. Among them, China’s automobile market has reduced production by over 1.8 million vehicles, and less than 20% of automobile chip orders were finished.