XPeng P5 Adds Four New Models

Recently, XPeng P5 has added four new models to its line up: 460G +, 460E +, 510G and 510E. The new models put the total number of models in this series to ten. The new models’ prices after subsidies are 164,700 yuan ($25,940), 184,700 yuan, 173,300 yuan and 193,300 yuan respectively.

The newly added 460E + and 460G + models upgraded the 17-inch star rim with five spokes to an 18-inch laser rim with multiple spokes. With the price tags having been lowered by 2,000 yuan compared to previous models, these two models saw a drop of NEDC endurance from 460 km to 450km.

The configuration differences between the newly launched 510G, 510E and previously launched 550G, 550E is battery life, having been reduced from 550km to 510km, while the prices are 5,000 yuan cheaper.

Other aspects of the new vehicles remain unchanged. In terms of power, the whole system is equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 155kW, a peak torque of 310N m, and an official 100-kilometer acceleration result of 7.5 seconds.

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The XPeng P5 is the third mass produced model launched by the EV maker. The lidar system found in these vehicles will be able to utilize the urban NGP (Navigation Assisted Driving) function in the future. The 550P and 600P high-end models are equipped with two lidars and an optional XPILOT 3.5 driving assistance system. The company’s XPILOT 3.0 driving assistance system can be installed on 460E, 460E +, 510E and 550E models. However, 460G, 460G +, 510G and 550G can only be equipped with the XPILOT 2.5 driving assistance system.