XPeng Releases Incentive Plan to Tackle Public Outcry Over Sudden New Model Release

Several weeks ago Chinese electric car manufacturer XPeng saw hordes of justice seeking customers storm its Guangzhou headquarters as well as offices all around China. People were angered by the unforeseen release of the 2020 iteration of the company’s G3 model that came when many customers had not even received their 2019 orders. To make things worse, the new model was updated with longer battery life and several other features and priced cheaper than its precursor.

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XPeng Motors took note of people’s displeasure and introduced a new incentive plan for current G3 customers. According to the plan any G3 2019 version purchaser who has not yet received the vehicle can upgrade it into the G3 2020 edition. For other G3 2019 version customers, the company is offering two options. The first one is 10,000 yuan in coupons for vehicle maintenance, supercharging, repairs and gifts or a as a subsidy for a purchase of a new vehicle by the owner’s direct family member. The second option will allow customers who purchased the G3 2019 version to trade it in after three years of use for any new model with a 60 percent discount to the original G3 2019’s contract purchase price, provided that the vehicle has been driven less than 80,000km with no major damages.

In an official comment following the introduction of the plan CEO He Xiaopeng said, “Our customers’ trust in us and their long-standing support is one of the most valuable assets.”

XPeng was founded by former UC Browser co-founder He Xiaopeng in 2014. The company’s first model G3 premiered at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2018.