Xpeng’s Subsidiary PXing Completes Round A Financing Worth Over $100M

On July 12, XPeng Motors’ subsidiary company PXing announced the completion of a round A of financing worth more than $100 million. One of the leading investors was IDG, with following investors including XPeng Motors and other shareholders.

Founded in 2016, PXing is headquartered in Shenzhen and has research and development centers in Guangzhou, Beijing and Silicon Valley. It has invested in intelligent robots, with in-depth layout in key technologies such as powertrains, motion control, automated driving, human-computer interaction and machine intelligence.

PXing’s first product is a quadruped robot, which has autonomous navigation capability, multi-modal emotional interaction function and is equipped with the first domestic mechanical arm.

Xu Zhigen, CEO of PXing, said: “After the financing is completed, PXing will further strengthen its full-stack research and development investment in robot hardware and machine intelligence, enhance the strength of high-end talent, speed up product research, development and iteration, and build the company’s technical and product advantages. PXing will continue to strengthen the synergy with XPeng industrial chain and accelerate the industrialization of robots. “

He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of XPeng Motors, said: “I believe that in the future, smart car manufacturers will be smart robot manufacturers at the same time. I believe that smart cars and smart robots will be the same industry in the future and can produce a ‘one plus one is greater than two’ effect.”

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