Yu Yongfu Takes Over as CEO of Alibaba’s Local Life Business Group After Resignation of Li Yonghe

36Kr reported that Yu Yongfu has taken over the position of CEO for Alibaba‘s local life business group as Li Yonghe resigned. The cause for the resignation has become a major issue for the company since Li Yonghe’s subordinates are suspected of workplace harassment that has sparked a furor in the media.

In the past two months, the business group’s CEO has  changed a few times, starting with Wang Lei, then  Li Yonghe to and now, finally, Yu Yongfu.

About one month ago, Zhang Yong, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba, announced that the firm would integrate three of its major location-based businesses, namely AutoNavi, Local Life and Fliggy, into its life services section. Li Yonghe would serve as the president of the local life business group.

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An employee of the sector told 36Kr that the organizational adjustment was just completed a month ago and many responsibilities in the sector are still unclear. The interim senior executives and the previous CEO Li Yonghe have not been completed yet. The arrival of the new CEO means that the personnel deployment needs to start all over again.

Alibaba has been gradually moving towards a section-based business model and moving away from its prior management-led model. In fact, AutoNavi accounts for a small proportion of Alibaba‘s revenue. In 2020, the revenue brought by innovative businesses including AutoNavi and Dingding was less than 1% of Alibaba‘s total revenue. But AutoNavi enjoys a large customer base. During a recent telephone conference on August 3, Zhang Yong said, “I hope that by the end of this fiscal year, at least 100 million users will enjoy various services around their destinations in AutoNavi.”