Yunshang Yuyi Distributed by Tencent Games Stops Suspension of Service

Yunshang Yuyi, a mobile game that allows people to dress-up 3D models, was initially developed by Seasun Entertainment and distributed by Tencent Games. In February of this year, the companies involved announced that the game would be discontinued. However, after a joint discussion between the R&D team and the operation team, the mobile game platform has decided to continue to provide game services on Wednesday.

February’s announcement was due to the looming expiry of an agency agreement between Tencent and Yunshang Yuyi’s developer. At that time it was agreed that the game would be shut down at 11:00 on April 28, 2022.

However, this news triggered widespread dissatisfaction amongst game players in addition to their possible compensation such that many complained. On March 18, the China Consumers Association issued a document stating that the problem of Yunshang Yuyi, which was reflected by consumers’ complaints, has been looked into.

The latest announcement, released today, now indicates that the original service suspension announcement has been canceled. As a result, the server, official website and customer service will continue to be open, and users can log into the game as usual. Compensation activities provided by the previously planned service suspension will last until 23:59 on March 31.

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Yunshang Yuyi indicated that they wanted to ensure the quality of the user experience and optimize the game package as a whole. Consequently, the company will need some time in order to resume some service channels. Subsequent in-game related services provided for users will no longer be available for payment but users can still play games normally.