Zeekr 001 Owners Issue Joint Statement After Inconsistencies in Skylight Color

On Monday, a joint statement issued by Chinese Zeekr owners went viral on the internet. The statement was mainly in regard to the fact that the officially declared skylight color of the Zeekr 001 model is gray-black, which is inconsistent with the blue skylight in car photos exposed on the internet. In the statement, the owners hope that Zeekr can give explanations, claiming that they “do not accept misleading consumption, do not recognize the blue skylight, and are not satisfied with Zeekr’s turning a blind eye.”

According to various information sources, the skylight Zeekr 001 is equipped with is an EC light-sensitive awning, which adopts “EC solid-state electrochromic glass,” a dimmable glass material applied to civil vehicles.

According to Zeekr’s official introduction, the EC light-sensitive skylight in the Zeekr 001 is transparent under normal conditions and can transmit light normally, allowing the passengers to feel the warmth of sunshine. After changing color, the glass is sky blue, with an ultraviolet barrier rate as high as 99.9% and an SPF sun protection factor of 50. In this state, the glass’s transmittance of UVA (waves 320-420nm) is less than 6% and can reach a protective effect of PA + + + +. The EC light-sensitive awning can also isolate thermal radiation (TTS < 20%) and block infrared rays and other sunrays while also providing heat insulation. It is not transparent, providing privacy.

Yet many car owners found that the color of the EC light-sensitive skylight was black when Zeekr officially publicized it before, while in the photos of real cars displayed recently the glass was sky blue. Therefore, the owners became dissatisfied with the service and chose to issue the above-mentioned statement to defend their rights. After the owners raised questions and expressed their dissatisfaction, however, Zeekr did not make any direct response, but “covertly deleted and modified the controversial demonstration animation of its EC skylight.”

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On March 23, 2021, Zeekr received joint investment and was established by Geely Auto Group and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. On April 15, the Zeekr 001 models were officially launched, including three models in all. As a pure electric vehicle positioned as a high-end intelligent vehicle, Zeekr 001 has an acceleration time of 3.8 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers, and the maximum range of the ultra-long battery life model can reach 712 km. Its price range is 281,000-360,000 yuan ($44,028-56,406). Compared with Tesla, Xpeng Motors, NIO and other brands’ models, the Zeekr 001 has certain competitive advantages in price, power and configuration attributes.

However, the model has been in dispute. Previously, Zeekr 001 has already ignited a heated discussion on the internet due to problems such as price increases, motor replacement and partial configuration reduction.