Zeekr 001 with Qilin Battery from CATL Has Been Delivered

On June 1st, the Zeekr 001 with CATL’s Qilin Battery CTP3.0 achieved a range of 1,032 kilometers under comprehensive working conditions (CLTC) and was delivered at the headquarters of CATL. Robin Zeng, Chairman of CATL, and An Conghui, CEO of Zeekr Intelligent Technology attended the delivery ceremony.

As a global leader in new energy innovation and technology, CATL has deep technological accumulation and a large reserve of talents. With strong technical advantages, it has broken through the ceiling of the battery industry. Its advanced power batteries are being used by major luxury brands around the world. Among them, Qilin Battery from CATL has the strongest commercially available power battery technology in the world. It relies on the world’s first multi-functional elastic interlayer design to achieve comprehensive improvements in range, fast charging, safety, lifespan and low-temperature performance.

In August 2022, CATL and Zeekr Intelligent Technology jointly announced that the CTP3.0 Qilin Battery will debut on the Zeekr 001 model, breaking through a range of over one thousand kilometers. Last month, with the help of Qilin Battery, the Zeekr 001 long-range package successfully completed multiple tests and expanded users’ travel options by providing more than one thousand kilometers of super-long endurance capability while eliminating range anxiety.

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During the delivery ceremony, Robin Zeng learned about the highlights of the intelligent cockpit configuration in detail as well as Zeekr’s leading technology in improving electric drive efficiency and energy recovery. While ensuring high performance, Zeekr 001 provides solid guarantees for long-range endurance through its low-energy consumption electric drive system and energy recovery level mode. It fully demonstrates CATL CTP3.0 Qilin Battery’s strong capabilities to provide sufficient power for longer journeys.

From Qilin Battery delivering to Zeekr, to battery pack being delivered to CATL for a 1000km range kit, the efficient collaboration between both parties has once again set a new industry record.