Zeekr Responds to the Zeekr 001 Fire Incident

On April 20th, a Zeekr 001 parked on the side of a street in Xi’an, China caught fire. Fortunately, there were no people inside the vehicle at the time of the incident and no casualties were caused by the fire.

Zeekr responded today, stating that they highly value the vehicle fire incident. Relevant personnel have rushed to the scene for assistance in filing insurance claims and providing temporary transportation for users. At the same time, they have reported to relevant departments such as public security and firefighting.

“According to the information currently available, when the fire occurred, the vehicle’s power battery was in a safe state and did not experience thermal runaway. It is preliminarily ruled out that the power battery caused the accident. The on-site situation after the fire showed that only the front compartment of the vehicle caught fire, while other parts such as passenger cabin, chassis and power battery remained intact.” Zeekr added.

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However, there is currently no official investigation result from relevant organizations regarding the specific cause of the vehicle fires mentioned above.

Affected by the overall market environment and the increase in Zeekr 001 complaints, Zeekr’s car sales this year are not ideal. From January to March, Zeekr delivered 3,116, 5,445, and 6,663 vehicles respectively, with a total delivery of 15,200 vehicles.