ZEEMR Wins A-Round Financing Led by CICC Capital

Smart home projector brand ZEEMR announced on Friday that it has recently completed A-round financing totaling around 100 million yuan ($15.7 million), led by CICC Capital. The firm’s valuation now exceeds 1 billion yuan after this round of financing. The new funds will be mainly used for product development and supply chain construction.

ZEEMR is operated by Jiangsu Jinshichuanqi Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2017. The brand is committed to providing more cost-effective giant screen solutions for Z-generation users, bringing about a home cinema experience.

ZEEMR is headquartered in Nanjing and operates an R&D center in Shenzhen. Its core team members all hail from leading Chinese technology enterprises, with more than ten years of R&D experience in smart projection products and more than 80 patents and intellectual property rights.

In addition, to ensure product innovation, ZEEMR has set up an ecological R&D experimental center in Shenzhen, including an acoustics laboratory, diffuse reflection optics R&D center, innovative projection technology laboratory and a fully enclosed optical-mechanical efficiency laboratory.

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In terms of products, ZEEMR’s M series is meant for young users, positioned as “the first projection for young people” and is priced at 799 yuan to 999 yuan ($125-$156), suitable for small bedrooms. Its D Series is a quality basic series, priced at 999 yuan to 1299 yuan. It can bring users with an feeling of the effect of DLP projection priced at 3,000 yuan, and is suitable for medium and large bedrooms. The Z Series is positioned as a master quality audio-visual product, priced at 1699 yuan to 1999 yuan, suitable for living rooms.

Focusing on the R&D of smart large-screen home appliance products, ZEEMR provides home projectors and will launch more innovative smart products integrating “hardware + operating system + ecology products + services,” so as to improve people’s quality of life through science and technology.