Zhipu Technologies Completes Rounds A and A+ Financing

Recently, Zhipu Technologies announced that it had secured several hundred million yuan in its round A and round A+ financing deals. Round A was exclusively invested by Chengwei Capital while round A+ was led by GL Ventures and followed by Chengwei Capital. These two rounds of financing will be used for product research and market development in the field of spectrum in the future.

Founded in 2018, Zhipu Technologies is an enterprise focusing on spectral vision. The company relies on self-developed intelligent spectral imaging equipment and spectral vision analysis systems to help end users move beyond bottlenecks that could not be crossed in the past.

At present, the company’s spectral imaging products and services have been successfully implemented in safety production and environmental protection situations, covering dozens of major enterprises and large parks. The team took the lead in formulating the industry application standard issued by the China Chemical Safety Association and has helped establish an early warning spectral video measurement and control mechanism.

The founding team of the company hails from Nanjing University and Tsinghua University. Cao Xun, the founder of the company, has devoted himself to computational photography for many years, and the first theoretical achievements of PMVIS spectral video imaging have been published in the most influential journals and conferences at home and abroad.

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Zhang Jian, the founder and current CEO of the company, said that the company has also made progress in miniaturized spectral camera technology with the idea to lay the foundation for consumer-grade manufacturing, scientific research, education, medical health and public safety.