ZTE Makes World’s First 5G Phone Call

ZTE Corporation announces that it has completed the world’s first 5G phone call, with the joint effort from telecom operator China Unicom’s Guangdong branch, based on the latest 3GPP protocol in Shenzhen, China.

The test call adopted the 5G end-to-end solution using the 3GPP R15 global standard. Key technologies such as large-scale antenna array, 5G air interface, NSA dual connection mode, FlexE transmission, and full NFV virtualized core network have been verified with the current network.

In addition, mobile applications including social media app WeChat and video call features have been tested using a 5G network.

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This was the first time that a 5G mobile terminal was connected to the network. The successful trial marks another milestone in 5G commercial use.

CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala, a special program broadcasted during the Chinese New Year, will be streamed over a 5G network in 4K high-definition. Last Sunday, a test for the broadcast was successfully conducted in Shenzhen, which has been a testing ground for a variety of 5G network applications.

ZTE is among the leading runners in the global race to 5G. It recently completed IMT-2020 third phase 5G test for core network performance stability and security.

In October last year, ZTE partnered with KPN to build 5G field labs on precision agriculture.

Featured photo credit to justmedia.com