ZTE’s Former Executive Vice President Xuezhong Zeng to Join Xiaomi as Head of Phone Division

Zeng Xuezhong, former executive vice president and former CEO of the mobile division at ZTE, was appointed on as Xiaomi‘s mobile phone division head on July 29th. Zeng is now responsible for the research, development, and production of mobile phone products and will report directly to Lei Jun, the company’s CEO.

With twenty years of experience in the telecom industry, Zeng was once the executive vice president and the CEO of the mobile division at ZTE, in addition to serving as Tsinghua Unigroup’s Global Executive Vice President, and the CEO of Spreadtrum Communications.

Before joining Xiaomi, Zeng Xuezhong founded Huixin Communications which was a joint venture of 29 leading enterprises in the 5G industry chain, specializing in R&D supply, transfer, and diffusion, as well as other 5G-related technologies and commercialization.

Zeng is reported to continue his job as the chairman of Huixin Communications after the appointment. In the future, Xiaomi will develop a strategic cooperation with Huixin Communication and fully support the business development of the company.

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Xiaomi has been continuously scouting high-profile talent from the Chinese mobile phone industry to join its smartphone department. Before Zeng, a specialist in the field of 5G, Xiaomi has attracted the former president of Gionee and the former vice president of Lenovo in addition to the former CSO of Meizu Technology to join its smartphone business team.

Not long after Zeng’s appointment, Xiaomi announced the establishment of a group strategy committee responsible for group strategic planning. Lei Jun will serve as the chairman of the committee, the group’s VP, Lin Bin, and Chief Strategy Officer, Wang Chuan, respectively, will serve as the vice-chairman and committee members, and will report to Lei Jun.