Temu Blazes E-Commerce Trail With Super Bowl Debut, Canada Expansion

E-commerce platform Temu (pronounced tee-moo) made a big splash at this year’s Super Bowl with its commercial, “Shop Like a Billionaire.” The ad made its debut during the first and third quarters of the NFL championship game and follows the adventures of a young woman who shops joyfully after discovering the wide selection of affordable clothing and accessories available on the Temu app.

Boston-based Temu’s parent organization is Nasdaq-listed PDD Holdings Inc. Temu sells a wide variety of products across over 250 categories, including fashion, beauty, electronics, home goods, pets, fitness, and more. The upbeat jingle in the commercial, set to the lyrics “I’m shopping like a billionaire,” highlights the company’s focus on its affordable prices, which has been made possible thanks to PDD Holdings’ network of global suppliers and fulfillment capabilities, operational expertise and financial resources, and global talent in Singapore, US, Dublin, and China. PDD Holdings (NASDAQ: PDD) has been listed on the Nasdaq since 2018 with a market cap of more than US$100 billion. It also owns the popular social commerce platform Pinduoduo in China.

The Super Bowl is the largest stage for advertising in the US, drawing millions of viewers each year. Some of the biggest Super Bowl advertisers over the years include Budweiser, Pepsi, Ford, and McDonald’s. This year, Temu joined the ranks of these household names, bringing its message of affordable quality goods to a massive audience.

A Temu spokesperson said of the company’s Super Bowl debut, “It’s our first time, and we are thrilled to be part of the 2023 Big Game lineup to share Temu’s mission of quality at affordable prices. Through the largest stage possible, we want to share with our consumers that they can shop with a sense of freedom because of the price we offer. ‘Shop Like a Billionaire’ is no longer a dream because of Temu.”

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To celebrate its Super Bowl debut, Temu held a $10 million “Shake & Cheer” giveaway, which was part of the company’s campaign for The Big Game. The giveaway was a way for Temu to say thank you to its current customers and to reach out to potential new customers.

In addition to its Super Bowl debut, Temu has also announced its expansion into Canada, with shipping to begin this month. This expansion will bring Temu’s quality, affordable goods to a new market, less than six months after it made its US debut in September.