Agora Launches Quality and Vocational Education Solutions

Agora, a leading video, voice and live interactive streaming platform, released new online education multi-scenario solutions on Wednesday, spanning the fields of music, art, vocational education, programming and STEM.

In order to lower the threshold of R&D while maintaining the teaching quality within online classrooms, Agora has released an educational product matrix from PaaS to aPaaS. By cooperating with partners from SaaS education, intelligent hardware and components, Agora is integrating interactive application services to empower its online education business.

In recent years, encouraged by policies, the market scale of vocational education is increasing year by year, with an average annual growth rate of over 10% in the past five years. Its market scale is expected to exceed one trillion yuan ($147 billion) in 2022. Under the background of China’s “Double Reduction” education policy, enterprises have begun to explore new growth points, such as art, music, programming, skills training, fitness classes and so on. However, online quality education has a very strong personalized demand for real-time interactive platforms.

Agora‘s head of education products said: “Agora has made breakthroughs in several core technologies. We launched online classroom to support 128 participants’ audio and video interaction. Students and teachers can enjoy the functions such as background virtualization, beauty effects, virtual portraits, etc. AI noise reduction and echo cancellation are also achieved.”

The online vocational education solution launched by Agora can reduce the jamming rate of online classrooms by 66.7%, and increase the learning time of interactive class users by 28.7%.

This year, Agora also upgraded its smart classroom, providing educational entrepreneurs with rich teaching components, such as voting, grouping, answering machine, countdowns, and more. Teachers are provided with screen sharing, remote control, window dragging, high-definition zoom-in and other functions.

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At the end of the launch event, Agora‘s education product director said that the upgrade of audio and video technology can lower the application threshold for interactive teaching, for example with virtual humans and motion capture enhancing the enthusiasm of students. With multi-equipments, VR, and AR, teachers can complete more detailed online demonstrations and provide more specific training for students.