Alibaba, iQiyi to Launch Short Video Apps for Vlogging

Tech Planet reported Thursday that Alibaba has started an internal trial of its secretly-developed video blog (vlog) application “Cuyan”.

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It’s the latest move after Alibaba rolled out its short video platform “Luke” in 2018, a product developed by e-commerce platform Taobao in order to better respond to consumer demand by combining e-commerce with a short video platform. The app was then removed from app stores because it didn’t attract enough users due to its pan-ecommerce nature.

The “Cuyan” app focuses more on sharing and recording the daily life of the ordinary people, highlighting the features of video blogs and entertainment instead of e-commerce, Tech Planet said.

Meanwhile, online video platform iQiyi has also launched a vlogging product named “PAO”. As an upgraded version of iQiyi‘s “Suike” which was launched in April as a video-sharing platform with long and short form videos, original content and community-based interaction, the new app “PAO” keeps the original design and function of “Suike”. However, it is a platform designed for video blogs only.