Alibaba Sets Up Team Against Employee Misconduct, Unconditionally Supports Refusal of Forced Drinking

The Alibaba Group on Thursday announced that a new internal team called “ALI-WE” has been created to examine and eradicate inappropriate workplace behavior reported by employees, including forced drinking culture and tasteless comments causing discomfort in the workplace.

A committee on workplace environment will be established at Alibaba as a decision-making body for matters related to but not limited to sexual harassment prevention. It will report directly to the Alibaba Group Board of Directors. An independent working team will take charge of investigating any complaints and reports related to sexual harassment and sexual assault. At present, an email address for reporting misconduct and an emergency assistance hotline have been set up.

Alibaba will revise its previous code of business conduct to prevent sexual harassment. Regular staff training on anti-sexual harassment and self-protection will also be organized.

“Employees will have unconditional support in refusing any type of forced drinking,” the company stressed in its announcement. Gender equality and ensuring a healthy workplace culture will also be included in the firm’s annual environmental and social governance assessment report.

“The best reflection is action. To build a clean and upright Alibaba, everyone is needed. It is our responsibility to create a working environment that respects each other,” the letter noted.

The move is the latest announcement following the firing of a manager who allegedly sexually assaulted one of his workers at the company. Li Yonghe, President of the firm’s intra-city retail business group, and HRG Xu Kun both resigned as a result of the scandal.

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