Baidu Completes AI-Based Search Engine Reconstruction, Says CEO Robin Li

At the 2023 Baidu World Conference held on Tuesday, Baidu‘s CEO Robin Li officially unveiled “ERNIE 4.0”, the most powerful ERNIE model to date, achieving a comprehensive upgrade of the base model with significant improvements in understanding, generating, reasoning, and memory.

ERNIE is Baidu’s independently developed industry-level knowledge enhancement foundation model. It is a three-layer foundation model technology system covering the foundation model, task-specific model, and industry-specific model.

Meanwhile, Robin Li announced that Baidu has completed the reconstruction of its search engine based on AI large models. The new search engine features three characteristics – ultimate satisfaction, recommendation stimulation, and multi-round interaction. It not only enhances the quality of search results but also expands the application scope and broadens product boundaries. “Generative AI and search are a perfect match”, said Robin Li at the conference.

Robin Li also introduced the latest progress of applications such as Baidu Search, Baidu Maps, Baidu Cloud Storage, and Baidu Wenku.

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