Bonray Bags Millions in Round D Financing

On December 30, 2021, Xi’An Bonray Integrated Information Electronics Co., Ltd. (Bonray), announced that it had completed a round D financing totaling several hundred million yuan. This round of financing was jointly completed by many new shareholders including Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management, Shenzhen Capital Group and Hunan HI-Tech Venture Capital, along with several previous shareholders.

According to Bonray, the funds will be used for the R&D of core technologies, high-end talent recruitment, market expansion and high-level production line construction.

Founded in 2013, Bonray is a controllable core chip and special communications equipment provider, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of core chips and system modules in the fields of communication, radar and avionics.

Bonray has created a complete chain from design, packaging, testing, production to marketing and service. By providing independent and controllable innovative technologies and complete product solutions, Bonray’s supply chain  can meet the needs of different users.

The company’s main products are Monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) and digital-analog hybrid chips manufactured by GaAs, GaN, CMOS and other processes. These circuits are able to range from short waves to millimeter waves.

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This round of investors said that Bonray has been recognized by leading customers. It is one of the few specialized and new enterprises in China that have achieved complete industry qualifications, independent and controllable technology and the batch shipment of products.

Meanwhile, this round of financing was comprised of state-level funds as well as industry leading institutions, which will greatly help Bonray enhance its advantages in design, production and service of high-level core chips. The funding will also help the company further consolidate its technical and market foundation in the field of special communications equipment.