BYD Secures Israel’s Largest Electric Bus Order

On Tuesday, BYD announced that it had won the bid for 100 electric buses in Israel. This is the country’s largest ever electric bus deal and also the largest order for BYD eBuses in Israel to date.

BYD said that the vehicles will be delivered to Egged, Israel’s largest public transport operator, in 2022 and put into operation in Haifa, the country’s third largest city.

Egged has been a customer of BYD since 2017, when the company took the lead in delivering 17 electric buses to Haifa. In 2019, BYD delivered 10 electric buses to Egged again. Up to now, nearly 40 BYD electric buses are in operation in many cities in Israel, which have covered a combined 5 million kilometres.

The eBuses on order for Israel are powered by the BYD iron-phosphate battery technology, which delivers a driving range of more than 400km on a single charge in SORT conditions.

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Nir Landau, Director of Egged’s Procurement Division, said: “Nowadays, the trend of bus electrification is very obvious. It is a clear signal of our commitment to transitioning to zero-emission transportation for a better environment for Israeli residents. Having worked with BYD for many years, we have great confidence in this new batch of pure-electric eBuses.”