BYD to Launch Flagship SUV Tang DM-p on June 9

Chinese automaker BYD unveiled photos on Wednesday of its flagship SUV, the Tang DM-p, and announced that a pre-sale launch event for the new car will be held on June 9.

The BYD Tang DM-p has a body size of 4870x1950x1725mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm. It is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, and its weight reaches 2,150 kilograms. On the basis of a 1.5T engine and 160kW front motor, the new car will add a 200kW rear motor to realize four-wheel drive, shortening the zero-to-one-hundred acceleration time to 4.3 seconds. It has a pure electric cruising range of 215 kilometers.

(Source: BYD)

In terms of appearance, the BYD Tang DM-p adopts the firm’s latest family-style design language, with a somewhat imposing look. In the front, the new car adopts a large air intake grille, and the interior of the grille has a dot matrix scale shape, which is highly recognizable, with sharp headlight sets on both sides. In addition, it adds chrome-plated decorative strips to the grille frame and front part.

(Source: BYD)

The interior design of the BYD Tang DM-p is relatively simple, and a double-combination color design has been adopted, which has great texture as a whole. The new model is equipped with an LCD dashboard and a large suspended central control panel – full of scientific and technological sense – with a twin spoke multifunctional steering wheel. The BYD Tang DM-p adopts a six-seat layout, and the second row is equipped with electrically-adjusted independent seats to further enhance comfort.

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