ByteDance Launches Music Creation Tool “Sponge Band”

Beijing-based tech firm ByteDance has recently launched an app called “Sponge Band,” Tech Planet reported on Monday. According to an official introduction, this product will better serve users with music editing needs on Soda Music and Douyin, the Chinese mainland version of TikTok.

Sponge Band is a mobile audio creation tool for smartphones. Other than basic recording and effector functions, it also introduces many AI tools, lowering the bar for efficiently creating quality content.

Users of Sponge Band include both professional musicians and novices, who can create music anytime and anywhere through the app. At present, however, the app requires an invitation code to activate an account.

(Source: Sponge Band)

Sponge Band has four creative functions, namely: recording studio, playing and singing optimization, one-click remix and automatic mashup.

The “recording studio” supports audio importing, audio editing, multi-track recording, in-ear monitoring, and a variety of customizable effectors. When recording audio, the “playing and singing optimization” function can effectively balance bass and treble tones.

After importing audio, users can change the original style with the AI “one-click remix” function, and a variety of styles are available. The app also supports one-click fast mashup, which refers to the fusion of two songs being completed in one minute.

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Generally speaking, this music editing tool is attractive and helpful for users who want to further improve audio effects and short video background music. The Sponge Band app can provide music editing services for ByteDance’s other music-oriented platforms Soda Music and Douyin, and will become an important part of the company’s audio ecology.