ByteDance Recruits SoC Design/Verification Engineers

Recently, ByteDance released a number of postings for internships on its school recruitment website in the area of SoC system development/design & verification. The positions will be mainly located in Beijing and Shanghai.

The job descriptions of SoC system design & verification on the website show that the content of the design & verification positions include the design and simulation analysis of front-end of IP modules and some involvement in chip testing and debugging. The SoC system development & verification job’s responsibilities include the development of the underlying software for the chipset and SoC bring-up.

In terms of qualifications, candidates are required to be familiar with RISC-V or ARMv8 system architectures, and the X86 architecture.

Back in March 2021 Bytedance expressed its desire to begin manufacturing chipsets. At that time, the company said that it was setting up the necessary teams to explore the field of AI chips.

In March this year, the independent media source “” revealed that ByteDance is independently developing cloud AI and Arm server chips. Now, the new recruitment drive may mean that the progress of related projects is entering a further stage.

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According to the report, ByteDance chose to start the layout of the chip field from cloud AI and Arm server chips, which is also the mainstream method for Internet companies to enter the chip market. For Internet companies, joining the competition of server chips can reduce their dependence on third-party suppliers, while on the other hand, self-developed chips can also reduce costs.