ByteDance Tests New Product “Shidian Baike”

ByteDance has recently tested a brand-new product called Shidian Baike, Tech Planet reported on Monday. According to the firm, this new venture is on a mission to “record knowledge and pass on civilization.” Sources say Shidian Baike will focus on expert knowledge and culture.

Compared with Toutiao Baike, the test page of Shidian Baike has added many functions such as “editing community,” “recent change” and “uploading files.” It also provides an option for users to print Baike pages. At present, ordinary users cannot register for or log into Shidian Baike.

ByteDance has developed its Baike business relatively quickly. After acquiring, the Beijing-based technology firm released “Toutiao Baike” and “Kuaidong Baike,” then enriched the search system of Douyin by adding the Baike business to its app. This time, the testing of Shidian Baike represents an exploration to extend its Baike business into more niche areas.

Additionally, improvements to the firm’s Baike business will enrich the search system of ByteDance. Since the company launched search service in Toutiao, it has made its search scenarios more comprehensive, but it is still not rich in content. To make up for this deficiency, ByteDance is continuously strengthening the construction of Baike entries, and now it has initially built a matrix of Baike products to serve Toutiao search and Douyin search.

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