ByteDance’s Enterprise Communications Platform Launches “Feishu Projects”

Feishu, an enterprise communications and management platform owned by ByteDance, on Wednesday officially launched a new project management tool called “Feishu Projects.” This tool can help large-scale production and research teams quickly complete the standardization, automation and configuration of internal processes with the help of digital functions, thus realizing “process innovation.” ByteDance, the Beijing-based owner of TikTok, also operates a version of Feishu for international markets known as Lark.

This product has been used within ByteDance for many years now, and it is this efficient “production line” that has supported the rapid growth of Douyin – the Chinese mainland version of TikTok. Shen Xueliang, the vice president of Feishu Products, said that “in the development process of Douyin, this platform has helped it achieve quick functional iteration even with no obstacle in weekly units. Although the team size of the app increased rapidly from 100 to 1,000, the platform has ensured the efficient operation of its whole production and research team.”

In addition to the app, Feishu Projects was quickly applied to other ByteDance products such as Toutiao and Dongchedi. In the past year, the platform has been extended to a range of settings outside of ByteDance, providing a strong support for advanced enterprises such as Anker Innovations, Li Auto, Keep, Liepin, and Lilith Games.

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For engineers, Feishu Projects can directly connect with the code hosting platform. After engineers submit the code, they no longer need to log in to fill out the form, because the data in the system will be automatically updated. If there are doubts about the project, engineers can establish a group with one click, allowing relevant colleagues to reply immediately.

It also expands the ability boundary of project managers. In the past, managers usually could only support a production and research team of about 50 people. After using the platform, the project manager can easily manage a team of about 200 people through a standardized process. For some special cases, the manager can deal with all requirements flexibly with only one process.

The platform can also help business leaders directly control key processes, ensuring that tasks are executed in a standardized way, and that the projects are under control as a whole. If a key project is postponed, the business leader can receive an alert sent from the platform in the form of a message. The team leader can click on the message so that the broader picture of the project can be reviewed.