ByteDance’s Douyin Is Expanding Self-operated e-commerce Business

Douyin, the Chinese version of the global short-video app TikTok, is actively expanding its self-operated e-commerce business in preparation for the upcoming “618” shopping festival on June 18th.

In response to this, Douyin‘s e-commerce division affirmed its intention to make some business attempts based on user demand. The ultimate goal is to meet user needs at different stages, further optimize the user purchasing experience, and expand the diversity of products.

The Penhui news reports that Douyin e-commerce has begun to layout its self-operated beauty e-commerce business. This business, formerly known as “Meili Xin Xuan,” changed its name to Douyin’s self-operated beauty e-commerce in time for the Douyin 618 Good Things Festival. It has opened self-operated stores in the Douyin app to sell high-end beauty products. Sources say that the products are mainly purchased from domestic counters with complete qualification chains.

At present, Douyin has seven self-operated business lines. In addition to the aforementioned beauty category, there are fast-fashion e-commerce businesses like “Fei Yun Zhi Shang”, Douyin‘s cultural creativity e-commerce “Douyin Wen Chuang”, the affordable “Super Cheap Small Shop”, agricultural product e-commerce business “Yuan Tou You Xuan”, Douyin‘s self-operated liquor e-commerce business “Chao Niang Mu Yin” (now renamed Douyin e-commerce liquor flagship store), and the “Douyin Supermarket” which officially opened earlier this year. According to sources, there will be more self-operated e-commerce businesses in the future, including luxury categories.

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Douyin‘s e-commerce platform has revealed that its GMV has increased by more than 80% in the past year. Among them, the mall’s GMV increased by 277% year-on-year, e-commerce search GMV increased by 159%, and the GMV of the shelf scenario exceeded 30% of the platform’s GMV. In the past year, the daily viewing volume of Douyin e-commerce live broadcasts exceeded 2.9 billion times, the daily e-commerce search intent exceeded 400 million times, and the platform sold more than 30 billion items throughout the year.