ByteDance’s Douyin to Broadcast 2022 World Cup

China Media Group (CMG) and Douyin held a cloud release event on Tuesday, announcing that Douyin will become the broadcasting rights holder of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the strategic partner of China Media Group live-streaming.

Kelly Zhang, CEO of Douyin, said that the sports ecology in Douyin is becoming richer in as the platform offers more secondary creations of sports live-streaming and videos and access to fitness experts. Douyin will create more creative interactive forms with CMG to enrich the live-streaming experience of users.

In recent years, Douyin has improved its sports content offerings. According to the company, Douyin was not only a partner of the Euro 2020 and Copa América 2021, but also launched a number of exclusive sports programs during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Among those offerings included inviting many athletes to record their training and daily life with short videos, participate in event commentary, and to introduce their sports.

According to the White Paper on Douyin’s Sports Ecology in 2021, in the past year, the content supply, consumption and dissemination of sports through Douyin have increased significantly. By the beginning of 2022, there were more than 60,000 sports creators with over 10,000 fans in Douyin, and the number of sports broadcasts and viewers increased by about 50%.

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