CATL to Unveil Kirin Battery Model on August 27

Chinese power battery giant CATL has announced plans to hold a launch event for vehicles equipped with its Kirin battery on August 27. Previously, the firm confirmed that Li Auto‘s new model will feature the Kirin battery. Lotus and NETA Auto also issued public notices suggesting that their models will be equipped with CATL’s newest batteries.

On June 23 this year, CATL released the third-generation CTP technology, and announced intentions to mass-produce and launch the new Kirin battery in 2023. The energy density of this battery is 13% higher than that of the cylindrical 4680 battery system, with the same cell chemistry and same pack size. The battery can achieve 1,000 km in range, support a five-minutes fast hot start, 10 minutes fast charge to 80%, and it will be available through mass production in 2023.

At the “2019 IAA” event, CATL released its first-generation CTP technology, with a battery life exceeding 500 km and a system energy density higher than 180Wh/kg. The representative models are BAIC Group EU5 and NIO series 100kWh packages, and its essence is to remove the side panels of the modules. CTP2.0 was launched in 2021, with a battery life exceeding 600km and a system energy density of more than 200Wh/kg. The representative model is the 75kWh package NIO series. Its key is to remove the two end plates of the module and replace them with the longitudinal and transverse beams on the box.

(Source: CATL)

CTP3.0 launched this time reportedly has a battery life of 1,000 km and a system energy density of more than 250Wh/kg. Its essence is to further remove the longitudinal beam or beam on the box, and use the water cooling plate between the two battery cells and battery cell body to meet structural requirements.

It is worth mentioning that Tesla’s 4680 cylindrical battery was the last new product release that attracted wide attention in the battery field. CATL’s Kirin battery will inevitably compete with cylindrical 4680 battery systems in the future.

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A 4680 battery is a large cylindrical battery with a diameter of 46 mm and a height of 80 mm, with advantages of a high cruising range and low cost, and it is Tesla’s leading battery technology route in the future. As for the 4680 battery, Tesla CEO Elon Musk once bluntly said that it is a “great breakthrough” in technology, which will make it possible for his company to produce electric vehicles for a price of $25,000.