Chinese Chipmaker Enkris Secures Several Hundred Million Yuan in Round B+ Financing

Suzhou-based Enkris Semiconductor Inc. announced on Thursday that it has secured several hundred million yuan in round B+ strategic financing. The lead investor was Goermicro, while co-investors were GL Ventures, Huiyou Capital, Sinovation Ventures, Hechuang Zhiyuan, Gongqing Cheng Junhe, SEE Fund, 37Games and CITIC Securities. Its existing shareholders, Suzhou Oriza Holdings and Shanghai Allin Capital Management Co., Ltd. also joined in the investment round.

The fresh funds are to be allocated primarily for the construction of Enkris’ headquarters and R&D center. Upon completion of the project, Enkris will build an R&D and production base for gallium nitride power electronics, RF electronics and micro-display materials, propelling Enkris to a new stage of development.

Enkris is dedicated to providing high-quality GaN epitaxial materials for microwave RF and power electronics applications. In March 2012, the company was founded in Nanopolis Suzhou at the Suzhou Industrial Park in China’s Jiangsu Province, and in August 2013, Enkris commenced the construction of a GaN epitaxial material production line in Nanopolis Suzhou, with an annual capacity of 20,000 wafers of 150mm GaN epitaxial wafers.

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Enkris highly values independent R&D and core intellectual property rights, and has mastered a number of core technologies in the field of GaN epitaxy, and possesses completely independent intellectual property rights. It has applied for nearly 400 patents at home and abroad, and has been granted more than 100 of them.

Xiong Hao, executive director of Sinovation Ventures, indicated a wide range of application scenarios for gallium nitride (GaN) in power, RF and optoelectronic fields, especially in high frequency and high power fields. GaN is also a key core device indispensable for intelligent manufacturing, and can widely be used in communication, computers, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, aerospace and defense industries. GaN will rapidly increase its penetration rate in various fields in the future and enjoys broad market prospects.