Chinese Court Rules Tesla Chaozhou Incident Not Caused by Vehicle Fault

Regarding a car accident that occurred last November in Chinese city of Chaozhou, Tesla took a Chinese vlogger to court, accusing them of publishing false statements about Tesla and the accident. The court recently ruled in favor of Tesla. The verdict shows that, according to judicial appraisal results, the cause of the Tesla Chaozhou accident was unrelated to the vehicle itself. 

On November 5, 2023, a Tesla lost control in the street of Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, causing 2 deaths and 3 injuries. Videos circulating on the internet at that time showed that the Tesla was traveling at high speed for about 2 kilometers, successively hitting a motorcycle, several bicycles, and a tricycle.

Analysing the causes of the accident, Chinese vlogger “Dayangeshuoche” posted a video that, according to Tesla, included subjective speculation about the accident. The court found that it is possible to rule out the likelihood that the accident was caused by a fault in the braking system or steering device of the Tesla passenger car.

The court ruled in the first instance that the vlogger should issue an apology statement on its Douyin, pin it for 30 days, apologize to Tesla, mitigate the impact, restore its reputation, and compensate Tesla with 30,000 yuan.

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