DJI FPV UAV Avata Revealed

After the release of the DJI Mini 3 Pro on May 11th, another DJI UAV was leaked to the public. The new UAV, codenamed “Avata”, would be launched later this summer.

DJI launched its first FPV UAV at the beginning of 2021, which was the first-person four-axis aircraft. The UAV weighed 795g and had a maximum flight speed of 39m/s. Its longest cruising range was around 16.8 km. Sold in a package with other accessories, including flight glasses, remote control, cables, etc., the set retailed for 7999 yuan.

“DealsDrone” exposed that the DJI Avata would be an FPV UAV and weigh about 500g, or about 300g lighter than last year’s model. The drone will feature photo quality similar to that found on the Mini 3 Pro. Despite its small size, it will should also feature a longer range.

The new DJI FPV UAV will adopt a new design, which would make it more suitable for flying indoors. However, if users use it outdoors, they need to register their real names, because UAVs weighing more than 250g must be registered in China.

The Avata will be equipped with a camera module on the front which will be used to shoot video content during flight. However, due to its small body and protection, the camera module cannot rotate at multiple angles like other conventional drones.

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The new DJI FPV UAV will adopt the CineWhoop design, that is, a protective cover around the propellers. Since it is an FPV UAV, the operator will usually wear a head display unit during operation. When the propeller is protected, the pilot is more confident in flying even in a narrower space.