Douyin Closes 160,000 Illegal Live-streaming Channels

Recently, ByteDance’s short video app Douyin released a report on its recent measures to ensure the safety of the platform. The report shows that the company has shuttered over 160,000 illegal live-streaming channels, banned 600,000 spam accounts, and withdrew the live streaming rights of more 30,000 accounts.

In the past year, Douyin has established more than 140 security models and more than 1,000 security rules to protect the security of its live-streaming platform. In addition, multiple intelligent audit mechanisms and risk interception tools have improved complaint handling, bringing its  efficiency up to 95.8%.

User rights and network security have also been the focus of Douyin’s live-streaming business. In 2021, Douyin carried out an anti-fraud propaganda campaign through its own live-streaming channel. The campaign attracted more than 4,500 creators and more than 120 million netizens.

With regard to the protection of younger viewers, the report shows that last summer’s campaign intercepted more than 6,000 accounts targeting minors and revokved 419 accounts attempting too induce minors to live stream for a reward.

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Douyin has also invested heavily in the guidance of hosts to create a more civilized and green community. According to the report, the live-streaming training provided by Douyin has covered 12 provinces and cities across the country.