Douyin Launches ‘Lightning Search’ as Its Fourth Search Brand

Douyin recently launched a search application called ‘Lightning Search,’ with the slogan ‘Lightning Search, as fast as lightning’.

According to the introduction, this is the fourth search brand launched by Douyin, following Toutiao Search, Wukong Search, and Douyin Search. It is also the fourth independent app in the search category.

The homepage of this application is very simple, mainly divided into two separate tabs. The top part is a search box, and the bottom part contains recommended content, including images, text, and short videos. The browsing experience is similar to Douyin.

Through actual testing, it was found that the search results of ‘Lightning Search’ are provided by Toutiao Search. The first impression is similar to Alibaba‘s Quark Search, and there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly special about it.

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The search bar page includes four major sections: movies and TV shows, novels, medical services, education, and lifestyle tools. Users can choose the corresponding service based on their needs.

According to the introduction, this application also uses a cash incentive promotion method. Users can earn gold coin rewards by completing reading and searching tasks in the ‘Tasks’ tab, and these gold coins can be exchanged for Chinese yuan for withdrawal.