Douyin Launches Upgraded Version of “Mengzhi Plan” to Create High-Quality Popular Science Content for Youth

On January 1, 2022, the upgraded version of Douyin’s “Mengzhi Plan,” which aims to support educational content creators for youth, was officially launched.

As part of the development, there will be major changes to the content categories and the way creators participate. Douyin will focus on supporting popular science content creators and strengthening interactions with youth.

On the Douyin short video platform, profound knowledge can be spread within the public. An uploader nicknamed “String Theory World” is a postdoctoral fellow studying cosmology, string theory and field theory. She likes to explain interesting physical knowledge on Douyin, which won the favor of many children.

In 2022, the “Mengzhi Plan” will increase investment in popular science. In 2021, the plan launched a number of activities, such as “Enjoy Science Camp,” “Popular Science Season,” and “Wonderful Science and Technology Museum,” to encourage more content creators.

In addition, the function of Douyin’s youth model will continue to upgrade. The combination of popular events and cross-disciplinary knowledge will help teenagers keep pace with the times while systematically acquiring useful knowledge.

In order to diversify the ways for young people to acquire knowledge online, in 2022, the “Mengzhi Plan” will increase livestreaming incentives and invite more content creators.

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The “Mengzhi Plan” will be upgraded offline. Parent-child theme activities, public welfare lectures, and exchanges in planetariums, aquariums, museums, science and technology museums and other venues will be held to stimulate children’s creativity.