Douyin Tests First Independently Developed E-Commerce App “Douyin Box,” Positioned as Trendsetting Platform

According to TechPlanet on Thursday, Douyin, the Chinese mainland version of TikTok, recently tested a new app called “Douyin Box,” positioning it as a trendsetting e-commerce platform. According to informed sources, Douyin’s e-commerce app has already been developed for Android and iOS, and the logo has been designed to resemble a small square box. The company has not yet responded to the news.

However, a person in charge of Douyin e-commerce said that Douyin Box focuses on fashion products, which is a scenario exploration of the business.

Tianyancha, a Chinese enterprise information, business data and management personnel query system, shows that Douyin’s affiliated companies previously applied for registration of a series of trademarks including “Douyin Box” and the software copyright of “Douyin Box,” and also filed “” as the official website, intending to create a dual-core mall model of “App + Website.”

According to the report, the app is intended to expand Douyin’s e-commerce business, instead of completely copying the e-commerce business in Douyin. In the future, traffic will be introduced to the app through ByteDance-developed apps such as Douyin and Toutiao. It will then become a comprehensive e-commerce platform of ByteDance, aiming at leading products such as Taobao or Tmall. At present, the product is still under alpha testing and will be launched soon.

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In April this year, according to informed sources, the idea of developing an independently developed e-commerce app had already been around for some time. Kang Zeyu, President of Douyin E-Commerce, and other senior executives do not want to over-attach the e-commerce business to Douyin, but take Douyin as the basis of e-commerce business and make new explorations outward.

In addition, ByteDance has launched a product called TikTok Seller for the overseas market, which can help merchants manage their TikTok stores through their smartphones. At present, TikTok Seller mainly provides services for merchants in Southeast Asia.