First XPENG Car with License Plate Goes to Chairman He Xiaopeng

This morning, XPENG chairman He Xiaopeng drove the first XPENG car with a Beijing license place onto the streets near the National Convention Center.

XPENG used the concept of a “mass produced car” when its official account featured the car on Weibo.

He Xiaopeng is the first owner of the XPENG 1.0 Jike Version. Previously, XPENG had revealed 1.0 Jike version would be produced in a limited run. It wouldn’t be sold on the market, but delivered to company staff and friendly users. After optimization, XPENG plans to sell 2.0 version to the public in 2018.

So how many cars were produced? XPENG did not tell Sina Technology.

Recently, Internet companies have been entering the automotive industry. On October 12, at the ceremony celebrating the first mass-produced XPENG car, He said cars need to satisfy three requirements before being released for sale. First, they must have a product qualification announcement received from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Secondly, the supply chain must allow large-scale and reliable production. In addition, the company must have gone through a series of procedures to provide license plate applications, insurance, after-sales service and super-charging.

According to the official introduction, XPENG 1.0 is pure electric SUV. Its four-wheel drive version can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds. The driving mileage is 300 kilometers per charge, and it has intelligent Internet functions such as automatic parking, low-speed follow, voice interaction and remote control.

This article originally appeared in Sina Technology and was translated by Pandaily.