Freetech Reaches Agreement With to Develop Highly Autonomous Heavy-Duty Trucks announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Freetech on Tuesday. According to the arrangement, both parties will leverage their respective resources and advantages in intelligent driving and vehicle infrastructure cooperative systems, jointly explore and realize intelligent driving, intelligent vehicle infrastructure cooperative systems (IVICS), intelligent transportation and other fields to promote the development of the Chinese automated driving industry.

Additionally, the firms will jointly develop and build highly autonomous heavy-duty trucks based on vehicle infrastructure cooperative systems with highly efficient, safe, energy-saving and sustainable mass production.

In the transformation of the automobile industry, intelligent driving will significantly increase the proportion of automobile electronics and software algorithms in the value of the car. Advanced computer, communication, algorithm and other technological achievements will be applied to intelligent driving cars., founded in June 2018, has created the global high-level automated driving solution based on IVICS with a road-based and vehicle-assisted model to achieve overall cost reduction, efficiency effects as well as faster scale application. To jointly build China’s intelligent transportation system solutions,, together with China Telecom and Suzhou State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), established Tianyi Transportation Technology Co., Ltd. in November 2021. The company is a joint venture company focuses on intelligent roads.

Founded in March 2017, Freetech holds comprehensive intelligent driving capabilities, from perception and planning to control and execution. With comprehensive product development and integration capabilities, a professional R&D team, and the advantages of high adaptability to Chinese road scenarios and flexible customized services, the company is committed to providing intelligent driving solutions for OEM and transportation industry scenarios.

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With the gradual opening tests and fixed-point application of high-level autonomous heavy-duty trucks based on IVICS, and Freetech will continue to explore and build a new generation of intelligent driving infrastructure, and expand the commercial trial operation of heavy-duty trucks based on IVICS.