Geely Auto Launches New Binyue Cool Model

Hangzhou-based Geely Auto launched its new Binyue Cool vehicle model on August 9. The car is positioned as a highly intelligent power SUV, with three versions available. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price ranges from 98,800 yuan to 119,800 yuan ($14,661 – $17,777).

Geely’s Galaxy OS used in the new car is based on the E02 digital chip of ECARX controlled by Eric Li, the founder and Chairman of Geely. This OS can realize multimedia interconnection ecology, an intelligent voice interaction system and other functions.

Binyue Cool (Source: Geely)

Shen Ziyu, the chairman of ECARX, said that its self-developed E02 digital chip module adopts eight nuclear CPUs. Compared with the previous generation, the computing power of this CPU is 3.3 times higher. It can support 3D visual control of the whole vehicle and dynamic interaction of virtual images. The model – for the first time – uses independent NPU, so its E02 module has stronger edge AI computing capabilities.

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As a model specially built by Geely for young people, Binyue Cool adopts a more fashionable design, as reflected in its air intake grille, LED headlights, tail wing, body and wheel hub. In the body color matching, the model adopts a gradual body design.

Binyue Cool (Source: Geely)
The interior of Binyue Cool (Source: Geely)

In terms of interior decoration, Binyue Cool adopts a gray-black and red-black design, suspended integrated dual screen, sports electronic stop handle and other configurations. In detail, the model has adopted encircling competitive seats and upgraded the racing electronic stop lever.

The Binyue Cool comes with a standard configuration 10.25-inch LCD meter 12.3-inch suspended integrated dual screen, which is matched with PEPS keyless entry and one-button start, Bluetooth key, intelligent remote control of T-BOX smartphone and facial recognition functions.

In terms of power, the Binyue Cool is equipped with Geely’s new-generation Jinqing 1.5 TD high-pressure direct injection engine with a maximum power of 133kW and a maximum torque of 290 N m. Its zero-to-one-hundred acceleration time is 7.6 seconds. The model features efficient fuel-saving technology, and only consumes 5.8 liters of fuel per 100 km.