Geely’s “Leishen Powertrain” Hybrid Model May Achieve Monthly Production of 30K Units in Q4

The production capacity of “Leishen Powertrain” hybrid vehicle models by Geely Automobile may reach 30,000 units per month in the fourth quarter of this year, and 60,000 units per month by the second quarter of next year, Cailian Press reported on September 7.

According to Geely’s data, the automotive maker sold 37,500 new energy vehicles in August, including 11,113 units of the Leishen Powertrain hybrid models, up 10% year-on-year. The penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the company exceeded 30%.

Leishen Powertrain, a power technology brand, was proposed by Geely in November last year. Its product matrix includes the intelligent hybrid platform Leishen Hi · X, high-efficiency transmission, high-efficiency engine and e-drive. The Leishen Hi · X includes a 1.5 TD/2.0 TD hybrid engine and DHT/DHT Pro hybrid transmission.

In terms of transmission and engine, Leishen Powertrain introduced two engines with strong power and fuel saving characteristics: BHE20 and BHE15, as well as the second-generation DCT EVO 300 and DCT EVO 380 gearboxes, which pursue lightweight, torque and efficiency. In terms of electric drive system, Leishen Powertrain provides a new generation of 800V and 400V motors.

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Geely has been insisting on independent R&D in key engine technology fields for 25 years. Up to now, Geely’s powertrain has been installed in more than 100 models from its sub-brands and European luxury vehicle brands, and has sold well in more than 60 countries and regions, with global sales exceeding 10 million units.