Google Collaborates with Meizu to Make Smartphones More Affordable

On April 25, Ard Boudeling, head of global marketing at Meizu, announced on Twitter that Meizu is working with Google on its first Android Go smartphone.

Due to the competitiveness in Chinese domestic market, Meizu struggles in turning profits. Its Pro 17 and recently released 15 series smartphones have failed to reach expected sales in China. It seems that the company is having real difficulties penetrating the domestic market. The shift to foreign markets with Android Go seems like a desperate last measure.

Meizu Pro 7

Android Go, launched at the Google’s 2017 I/O Global Developer Conference, is Google’s Android system designed for entry-level mobile. It simplifies the current Android system so that it can run on mobile phones with 1GB or less of RAM. It is a simplified version of Android Oreo.

According to Google, the Android Go system is mainly composed of three parts: a lightweight system, applications that come with Google Go, and a Google Play Store designed for entry-level devices. Hardware manufacturers can also configure smartphones to Android Go, thus allowing an optimized phone performance at a reduced production cost.

Ard Boudeling’s tweet

Ard Boudeling did not disclose the detailed configuration and price of the Meizu Android Go phone. Considering it is geared towards the low-end market, it has been estimated to be around RMB1,000($158).

This article originally appeared in ifeng and was translated by Pandaily.