Honor Releases 50 Series in Multinational Markets, Resumes Cooperation with Mainstream Operators and Channel Providers

Chinese smartphone maker Honor’s 50 series was recently launched in many parts of Europe and Africa. The company said that more countries will follow in early November, such as France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and other countries.

Regarding the layout and development of Honor devices in the global market, CEO Zhao Ming once speculated: “In term of overseas market, Honor will focus on the restoration of its operations, channels and retail capabilities, which is the same as what we went through in the Chinese market at the beginning of this year.”

Looking back at the development of Honor as a company, it is not surprising that it is beginning to develop its overseas business.

Honor was established in December 2013 and managed to enter 57 global markets including Malaysia, India, Russia and South Korea throughout 2014. According to official overseas sales data, by the end of 2014, Honor had sold more than 1.5 million smartphones, accounting for 10% of its revenue.

In 2018, Honor strengthened its global strategic plan and made moves in key markets such as Asia and Europe. Its overseas market sales increased by 170% year-on-year, and overseas sales accounted for more than 25% of its all sales.

However, in 2019, Huawei, the parent company of Honor at that time, was put into the US trade blacklist, leading to a severe reduction in Honor’s overseas business. Now, having separated from Huawei, Honor has restarted its overseas markets and launched the 50 series, including the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Lite.

Honor said that the 50 series of mobile phones would be sold online and offline in markets around the world starting in November, while some overseas markets will see some smart life products such as Honor’s MagicBook series.

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However, it won’t be easy for Honor to regain a place in overseas markets. The tight supply of global components caused by the epidemic has brought great challenges to the supply chains of major mobile phone manufacturers. In addition, in overseas markets, Honor has to face fierce competition not only from giants such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei, but also from other domestic mobile phone brands.