Hottest Mobile Phone Trends in 2020

New smartphones with latest features are waiting in the wings. With the pace of smartphone evolution driven by fierce competition in the market, we can expect various innovative devices coming out in 2020 that offer something different from the best phones of 2019. From ever-shrinking bezels, to foldable devices, the smartphone industry sees a promising and revolutionary future. Here let’s see some of the most exciting upcoming gadgets with the hottest mobile phone trends in 2020.

Foldable smartphones for 2020

2019 was supposed to be the “year of the foldable phone”. However, due to some various issues, very few manufacturers actually rolled out their folding devices in 2019. The exceptions included the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, and Royole FlexPai, but we know more choices are coming out in 2020. Samsung has already introduced another folding device, the Galaxy Z Flip, which is a full smartphone with a 6.7-inch OLED display that folds and shrinks into a much smaller square when it’s closed. Huawei is set to unveil its second foldable phone, the Huawei Mate Xs within weeks. If the rumors are true, we may expect more foldable phones to be released in 2020 from Chinese tech companies TCL and Xiaomi, or international brands Apple and Google.

Samsung foldable phone Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung foldable phone Galaxy Z Flip (Source: Samsung)

5G smartphones for 2020

We’ve seen lots of 5G android smartphones in 2019, and for sure a lot more are due to debut in 2020. As 5G technology gets mature and 5G infrastructure and networks are more reliable, people can begin to truly enjoy the real 5G era. Almost all the new phones that were supposed to be unveiled at MWC 2020 Barcelona support 5G. In Q1 2020, the Samsung S20 series, Xiaomi Mi 10 series, Huawei P40 series, OPPO Find X2, Realme X50 Pro are among the most anticipated 5G phones. Apple is also expected to roll out their 5G iPhone in 2020.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G (Source: Xiaomi)

Punch hole camera phones

Over the years smartphones makers have been pursuing smaller and smaller bezels , aiming to optimize the space. The water-drop notch and pop-up camera setting without notch were super popular in 2019, but from the released upcoming phones designs for 2020, we see more one or two punch hole front cameras, as the notch design is gradually ditched for a real full screen experience. Many want an uninterrupted full-screen experience, yet won’t forego that selfie camera. Since 2019, hole-punch camera phones include Huawei’s Honor V20, Samsung S10+, and recently on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S20 series, which features a central hole-punch camera.

Multiple and higher megapixel camera phones

Nowadays mobile phones are designed with better and better hardware and software, of which the cameras is the very distinguishing feature. OEMs are trying to market something interesting and unique. From single camera, to dual, triple, quad, and now even more cameras can be equipped to smartphones in 2020. As for the camera’s megapixels, there are mainly 32MP, 48MP, 64MP and even 108MP in the market now. Though more cameras and higher megapixels does not actually mean better photo quality, the feature does attract users. The Xiaomi CC9 Pro is the company’s first smartphone with a 108MP camera and five rear camera. Xiaomi’s recent released Mi 10 Pro is a heavy-hitting Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition, sporting a 108MP main sensor as well. For the upcoming phones in 2020, people will have more options when looking for the best camera phones.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro With 100MP Camera
Upcoming Xiaomi CC9 Pro With 100MP Camera (Source: Xiaomi)

Wireless charging phones

Many users demand faster and more convenient charging for smartphones. For those who are tired of tangled and lost wires, wireless charging phones are the next step. Though not a universal feature in phones yet, wireless charging is becoming popular among the new flagship phones. Xiaomi’s latest Mi 10 series supports wireless charging at 30W, and OPPO has confirmed that its next flagship. the OPPO Find X2 will also feature 30W wireless charging.

New features can generate a wide array of opinions, what’s your favorite phone trend and which is just all hype?