Huawei P50 Pro to Adapt Specialized 5G Communication Phone Case

On Tuesday, a “communication phone case” supporting dual-mode 5G was officially released on, an e-commerce platform in China. This product enables an upgrade from 4G to 5G service by embedding an eSIM chip and 5G modem within the mobile phone case. The case was developed and produced by Soyealink Technology, a Chinese telecom solution provider.

The initial product was made especially for the Huawei P50 Pro model but later editions will support models from other manufacturers. According to one digital blogger on Tuesday, all 4G models of Mate 40, Nova 9, Mate 50 and Nova 10 from Huawei will be equipped with this phone case in the future.

The weight and thickness of the case are close in profile to those of regular phone cases. According to official configuration data, this 5G phone case weighs 52g and is only 3.2mm. It is available in a light gray color and leather material.

In terms of operation, consumers who use this case for the first time need to select a SIM card, set up their eSIM with a 5G service provider, and then follow the on-screen instructions to set up the 5G network. The eSIM network signal of the case will be merged with the SIM card and displayed in the signal bar of the smartphone.

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As a product for upgrading to 5G network access, the phone case has won the support of three major Chinese mobile network operators. The suggested retail price of the case is 799 yuan ($118), which is expected to be officially put on sale in early June. Specific sales channels have yet to be announced.