Huawei Unveils New AR High-Precision Mapping Service Cyberverse

Following the unveiling of its home-grown operating system Harmony OS and a smart television under its sub-brand, Honor, Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei Technologies on Aug. 11 revealed a new augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) services platform to help people better understand the world around them.

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Dubbed Cyberverse, a mixed reality (MR) service provider, combines elements of both AR and VR, real-world and digital objects altogether. Technologies employed included three-dimensional high-precision mapping and spatial computing data.

Once rolled out, Huawei will be able to offer high-precision mapping services to users across 1,000 locations around the globe, enhancing the capabilities of mobile phones to more accurately pinpoint its physical location.

The integration of advances in Huawei’s camera department, coupled with the next-generation 5G connectivity and cloud services will allow Cyberverse to seamlessly integrate user’s digital and physical lives using smartphone devices, according to the company Manufacturing Consulting Director Luo Wei.

Luo added that Cyberverse will provide services in attractions, museums, smart parks, airports, high-speed rail stations, commercial spaces and many others. The initial agenda of its service roll out is set to kick off in selected locations in first-tier cities, and will slowly migrate to 1,000 different locations by the end of the fourth quarter of 2020.