Huawei’s Dictionary Pen Launched on Zhixuan and Youdao, Priced at 999 Yuan

Netease‘s Youdao and Huawei Zhixuan launched an Intelligent Dictionary Pen on Wednesday, at a price of 999 yuan ($154).

Supporting cross-screen intelligent learning is the biggest highlight of the dictionary pen which can be opened through Huawei’s Smart Life App. The results of clicking or scanning on the pen’s end, including definitions, voices, and example sentences, will be displayed on the screen in real time.

In the app itself, users can record a history of their searches, dictations, and excerpts, which cuts down on the time it takes for users to find words, phrases, and bits of info they had previously searched for.

One user commented on the new features, saying, “You can see the words that have been queried a lot of times and then pick them out separately to refresh your memory.”

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To bring a better experience to consumers, the thesaurus in the pen has also been upgraded, including entries from 12 dictionaries such as the Oxford Advanced Dictionary and Chinese-English Dictionary, which should meet the needs of most school-age groups.