Vivo X21 releases with under-display fingerprint sensor and AI engine

On March 19, vivo held a product launch event in Wuzhen to officially release the X21 smartphone featuring an all new under-display in-screen fingerprint identification. The phone has a full-screen design and AI capabilities, and is bound to become popular.

The vivo X21 is equipped with the highly-anticipated under-display in-screen fingerprint technology, allowing users to unlock the phone without turning on the screen. The display consists of a 0.68 mm glass panel on top of an OLED glass layer and an OLED light-emitting unit, between which the fingerprint sensor is embedded. The vivo X21 is considered by many to be the perfect screen and fingerprint recognition solution. Devoid of additional physical attributes on the body of the phone such as slots or holes, the full-screen phone has an integrated appearance with navigation gesture capabilities and three sets of unlock effects.

Vivo X21 under-display in-screen fingerprint technology

The vivo X21 display has a special coating which does not affect fingerprints.

The vivo X21 uses a 6.28-inch Super AMOLED display with Full HD+ 2280 x 1080 resolution and 19:9 aspect ratio. It supports 99.5 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut and 99.9 percent of the sRGB color gamut. The top of the front screen features an ultra-narrow U-groove design. The left and right bevels are 1.66 mm, and the upper and lower borders are 1.79 mm and 5 mm, respectively. The screen-to-body ratio is 90.3 percent.

The vivo X21 supports face unlock feature (branded as Face Wake), with 3D depth of focus. The vivo X21 can automatically detect 1,024 facial features and supports smart matching. It also uses infrared light to allow users to use face unlock at night.

During an event reminder notification, the system will determine whether the user is looking at the phone. If it detects a face, the phone will reduce the volume of the reminder.

The phone back cover employs Vivo’s Aurora Micro Arc design, with a 2.97 mm drop height on the left and right sides, and 0.57mm on the top and bottom sides.

The phone’s coating and screen color processing gives a unique glass luster effect. There are three styles, including Ruby Red, Aurora White, and Ice Drill Black. Each of these versions were inspired by the Myanmar wine valley, the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Lapland Finland, and the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach in Vic Iceland, respectively.

As AI becomes a major trend in technology, many mobile platforms and smartphones are starting to support it. The vivo X21 is no exception.

The vivo X21 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 multi-core Artificial Intelligence Engine (AIE) chip, and with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. With this processor and specifications, the vivo X21 is capable of performing various AI operations including:

-Jovi AI Engine

Based on the device usage data and user’s operating habits, the vivo X21 can intelligently predict and identify different scenarios to enable smart operation. It could also switch between multiple apps smoothly and improve gaming performance.

-AI Beauty (available before its market release)

Based on gender, skin color and light conditions, the vivo X21 can intelligently apply beautifying photo filters to make women appear more fair, natural, and soft, and men appear more masculine. The vivo X21 can also learn a user’s most preferred beauty settings, monitor the user’s skin, and provide relevant beauty recommendations.

-AI scene camera (available before its market release)

The vivo X21 can automatically detect the type of environment for photo capture, such as sports, night, and backlight. It can also identify the contents of a photo, such as people, food, flowers and 14 other categories. Based on the identified photo content, the vivo X21 can adjust photo effects one by one, and even learn to improve the effects with use.

-Jovi AI assistant

Smart scenarios can help users better manage their life and work. The vivo X21 aggregates important information and send reminders when appropriate, which can all be viewed uniformly in one place.

-Jovi AI Smart Assistant screen (available before its market release)

By pressing on a paragraph of text, users can trigger the vivo X21 to quickly identify and extract the selected text. Through the extracted information, users can quickly make calls, view business information, look up definitions, view information about TV dramas and so on.

The vivo X21 is equipped with dual rear cameras with Dual Pixel technology, 24 million photosensitive units and P3 color gamut imaging, which has 20 percent richer colors than SRGB.

With its artificial intelligence algorithm, backlight detection is more accurate to give a more natural effect. Vivo also developed a third generation of Rubik’s Cube imaging technology, and can conduct multiple calculations instantaneously. Thus, the vivo X21 can be used for backlit photos and can shoot clearer selfies.

The selfie light effect is based on the 3D depth of focus. Through selfie segmentation, the vivo X21 can add specific effects onto the selfie, such as fill-in light, ark angle, filters, simulating or enhancing the shed light, stage light, monochromatic and other effects.

AR Mengpai Has a large number of AR stickers.

AI Camera
AR Mengpai

Vivo launched the first independent audio brand named DeepField. This is created by vivo audio algorithms and its first-class acoustic team. It has six environmental sounds and three major features sounds, namely panoramic surround, subwoofer bass, and clear voice. The vivo X21 is equipped with the AK4376A sound chip.

The vivo X21 uses all-new Funtouch OS 4.0 based on Android 8.0, offering a new and smart desktop with full-screen navigation gesture 2.0.

The new file management system adds file extension segmentation (by PPT, PDF, etc.) and application modes to filter files.

iButler will provide the latest photo cleaning functions. The vivo X21 will display similar photos in the same group and mark the date for deletion.

Vivo uses Wi-Fi 5GHz transmission, IO multiplexing technology, and multi-channel network parallel operation.

The price of vivo X21 and vivo X21 Screen Fingerprint variant

This article originally appeared in ifeng and was translated by Pandaily.