JD.com Establishes Eight Teams to Prepare for CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Xu Lei, the president of Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com, has reportedly been selected to lead the company’s “red envelope” project ahead of CCTV’s popular Spring Festival Gala held each lunar new year. Xin Lijun, the CEO of JD Retail is also serving as a director of the project. Lin Chen, head of the JD Retail-Platform Business Center, and Shao Jingping, head of JD Retail-Marketing and Commercialization Center, will serve as secretary-generals.

One JD.com employee participating in the project said that eight teams have been set up in JD.com to complete the task, adding that he has been working overtime for several weeks.

JD’s App will be the official distributor of the gala’s virtual red envelopes, which are an important feature of the annual TV show. According to several employees of JD.com, the project is led by JD Retail, assisted by logistics, technology and other subsidiaries of JD.com.

Chinese internet companies began to be the official distributor of the gala’s virtual red envelopes in 2014. That year, Tencent‘s WeChat platform successfully activated more than 8 million WeChat payment users. Since then, the project is an item that almost all internet giants attach importance to.

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Starting from January 24, this year’s interactive program will last until February 15. JD.com will give out traditional red envelopes and gifts worth over 1.5 billion yuan ($236 million). Besides, users can enjoy preferential shopping policies on the platform.