Kuaishou Incentivizes User Collaboration with 60 Billion Network Traffic

On May 9th, Kuaishou upgraded its “Chuanliu Plan” and will allocate at least 60 billion network traffic throughout the year to incentivize collaboration between merchants and influencers.

According to the introduction, the essence of the plan is to help businesses target customer groups through influencer distribution, and accurately recommend this group to businesses for self-broadcasting. At the same time, traffic rewards are also given to distribution influencers.

In the first quarter of 2023, this plan is expected to bring an overall increase in Gross Merchandise Volume of more than 15% for participating operators. It is anticipated that this number will reach 20% in the second quarter.

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At the same time, Kuaishou announced that it will take low-priced goods, high-quality content, and thoughtful service as the three major business benchmarks, and upgrade the comprehensive evaluation index system for operators.

Kuaishou will launch the store experience score, sales reputation score, and product score system. Through scoring, it will achieve the survival of the fittest among operators and allow positive business behavior to receive more network traffic and resources.